The Story of Le Théier Collection

The story of Le Théier Collection began in 2013 with two siblings, Alexandre ANDRES, a lover of travel and faraway cultures, and Vincent ANDRES, a recognized professional in the world of luxury products.

Together, they decided to create a tea house around their shared passion for tea: Le Théier Collection.

The desire of the founders is to make people discover the fascinating world of Tea in a simple and uncomplicated way, in the form of a unique and original collection inviting them to travel and feel good.

Original tastes and impeccable quality

At the start of adventure

From the outset of this adventure, it was decided to offer only the highest quality teas for each collection.

The original teas in the collection come from the “best tea gardens” of India, Sri Lanka, China and Japan, and are meticulously selected on site at each harvest by an in-house team of professional testers.

Everything is in place to tempt you throughout the day with over 200 exceptional teas and infusions…

Flavoured tea creations

Flavored teas, infusions and herbal teas will be created and produced by hand in workshops in France, under the direct responsibility of the founders. Le Théier Collection guarantees top quality and a certain “French taste”.